Tech-Med® Babinski Hammer
Measures nerve response White, Plastic 14" Length Not made of natural rubber latex 701..
Tech-Med® Digital Thermometer Dual Scale
Quick 10 Second Read with easy to read large LCD display and low Battery Indication Reads both ..
Tech-Med® Thermometer Probe Covers
Used for Oral or rectal purposes Helps eliminate cross contamination 3211 ..
Tech-Med® Babinski Hammer - Adjustable
Measures nerve response Chrome plated telescoping handle adjusts for 6 ½” to 15″ Head may be ..
Tech-Med® Taylor-Type Percussion Hammer
Measures nerve response Synthetic rubber head in chrome plated handle Not made of natural rub..
Tech-Med® Buck Neurological Hammer
Chrome plated handle conceals screw-in brush Needle is included in the head 7015 ..
Tech-Med® Aluminum Alloy Tuning Forks
Used for auditory responses 7010 7011 7012 ..
Tech-Med® Eye Occluder
Shaped to cover either eye during an eye examination Constructed of black plastic 3066 ..
Tech-Med® Eye Patches
Elastic head band (not made with natural rubber latex) Black sateen finish 4475 4473 ..
Tech-Med® Fox Aluminum Eye Shield
Malleable & lightweight Perforated convex eye shield with slots Available with white cove..
Tech-Med® Goniometer
360 Degree of coverage in 1 degree increments Measurements in inches and centimeters on both ar..