Misc Patient Care

DawnMist® Crayons and Coloring Books
Crayons are non-toxic Crayons are available in a 4 pack of classic color..
DawnMist® Flex Pens and Golf Pencils
Flex pens are clear and flexible for security reasons Disposable Go..
Instant Cold Pack
Flexible material conforms to body Helps reduce swelling Ideal for minor sprains, muscle spas..
Instant Hot Pack
Effective pain relief Consistent heat for up to 30 minutes Activates immediately Flexible p..
Medicine Cups
A convenient way to distribute medicine in pill or liquid format Easy to read gradations ..
Tech-Med® Pill Crusher
Simple twist mechanism crushes tablets Heavy duty plastic construction 6340 pill splitter ..
Tech-Med® Pill Cutter
Stainless steel blade cuts pills neatly in half Plastic cutter with stainless steel edge 6..
Tech-Med® Pill Cutter/Crusher
Cuts, crushes and stores pills Crushes tablets into a fine powder Splits tablets in two with ..
Tech-Med® Pill Envelopes
Heavy weight, imprinted envelopes Ample room for patient information 4415 requires moisture t..
Tech-Med® Pill Organizer with Timer
Very useful for people who take pills at regular times Count down timer with time adjustment in..
Tech-Med® Pill Puncher
An easy way to remove pills from blister packs Place the pack in position and close the lid, th..
Tech-Med® Safety Pins
Nickel plated steel 4400 4401 4402 ..
Tech-Med® Weekly Pill Box
Convenient and portable way to organize every day medications Organizer lids are marked in Brai..