Lab Supplies

Tech-Med® Cover Glass
Measures 22mm length and 22mm width Contains 2 oz or approximately 200 pieces 9021 9022 ..
Tech-Med® Cytology Brush
Effective in collecting specimens from the endo-cervical region Features tiny nylon bristles an..
Tech-Med® Dropper Bottle
Amber glass Not made of natural rubber latex 9030 9031 ..
Tech-Med® Lens Paper
Used in cleaning the microscope eyepieces and lenses 9012 ..
Tech-Med® Microscope Slide Dispenser
Holds 72 slides depending on the thickness Releases clean, dust free 3”x1” slides Turning the..
Tech-Med® Microscope Slides
Available in plain or frosted Size: 3” x 1” Premium slides are 1.0-1.2mm thick and without ti..
Tech-Med® Slide Storage Boxes
Holds 25/100 standard 3” x 1” slides Numbered index in lid Cork lined for added protection ..