American® White Cross Blue Metal Detectable Adhesive Strips
Designed for the food processing industry The blue color allows the bandage to be easily spotte..
American® White Cross Blue Non-Metal Adhesive Strips
Designed for the food handling industry  Available in both Plastic and Flexible Fabric C..
American® White Cross Butterfly Adhesive Strips
Holds skin in place when stitches are not needed Minimizes scarring Easy to use 1950033 ..
American® White Cross Hydrocolloid Blister Bandages
Easy to apply Creates a moist wound healing environment Great for blisters  ..
American® White Cross Sensitive Skin Adhesive Strips
Perfect for sensitive or compromised skin Easy to apply Gentle adhesive The bandages are ea..
Wound Closure Strips
Adhesive backed, thin non-woven, reinforced fibers that are arranged in a bilateral pattern for h..