Specialty Dressings

American® White Cross Eye Spears
Designed for lint free, rapid absorption on the eye surface Expands to ten times the original s..
American® White Cross Sterile Eye Pad
Features a seamless cover that reduces the possibility of trauma to the eye Designed for maximu..
American® White Cross Sterile Non Adherent Pad
Protect and cushion the wound while absorbing drainage The non-stick surface prevents adhesion ..
American® White Cross Sterile Non Adherent Pad w/ Adhesive
Provides a convenient one-step application 7665033 7690000 7675033 ..
I.V. & T-Drain Sponges
Pre-cut rayon/poly blend sponges Designed to wick moisture away from the..
Basic Care T-Drain Sponges
Pre-cut rayon/poly blend sponges Lightweight, lower cost alternative ..
Top Sponges
Gentle non-woven outer facing combined with cellulose liner and rayon fill ..
Post-Op Sponges
A multi-layer, woven gauze faced sponge with cellulose fill Well suited ..
Eye Pads
Absorbent cotton filled pad with a soft, gentle non-woven cover that offers p..
Non-Adherent Pads
Absorbent pad with non-stick outer facing Allows dressing to absorb, wit..
Non-Adherent Pad with Adhesive
Highly absorbent cotton pad with a non adherent film Can be used to dress lightly draining or s..
Pressure Dots
Non-woven gauze spheres that provide pressure to insertion site An excel..
Emergency Pressure Dressing
Convenient, all-in-one dressing Specifically designed for high absorptio..
Combine ABD Pads
Highly absorbent multi-layer dressing Soft non-woven outer facing wicks ..
Trauma Dressing
Oversized dressing that offers superior absorbency, protection, and padding t..