DawnMist® Adult Brushes
Multiple sizes to accommodate all hair types HB01 HB-01..
DawnMist® Adult Combs
Multiple sizes to accommodate all hair types Rounded tines to reduce irr..
DawnMist® Baby Combs & Brushes
Soft nylon and plastic bristles are gentle on scalp Rounded tips ..
DawnMist® Hair Pic
Rounded tines to reduce irritation caused by scratching ..
DawnMist® Nail Pliers
Made of high strength, corrosion resistant carbon steel, for durability and p..
DawnMist® Travel Kit
All essentials in a compact kit Suitable for carry-on luggage   travel kit ..
Nail Care Accessories
Manicure Sticks are made of bamboo and have one pointed end and one tapered e..
Nail Clippers
Clippers are available with or without file Includes file and cleaning t..