Esthetic Wipes & Sponges

DUKAL Reflectionsᵀᴹ Makeup Remover Wipes
Non-woven, spunlace towelettes Gently and easily clean skin to remove all traces of makeup, dir..
DUKAL Reflectionsᵀᴹ Square Cotton Skin Care Pad
Made with 100% cotton Ideal for use on the face to remove makeup, apply toner or other facial s..
DUKAL Reflections™ Beauty Wipes
Soft, absorbent rayon/poly blended, non-woven sponges Works great with t..
DUKAL Reflections™ Cotton Filled Nail Wipes
100% Cotton Filled Gauze Ideal for polish removal and cleaning instruments & brushes 9..
DUKAL Reflections™ Cotton Rounds
Embossed, quilt-like, 100% cotton rounds can be used wet or dry Ideal fo..
DUKAL Reflections™ Esthetic Wipes
100% non-woven cotton Gentle and highly absorbent; ideal for removing pr..
DUKAL Reflections™ Gauze Facial Mask
100% Woven Cotton Gauze Can be used for paraffin hydrating masks, heated..
DUKAL Reflections™ Large Gauze Facial Wipes
Made of 100% Cotton Opens to 12" x 16" single-ply sheet Soft exfoliating quality texture and ..