Treatment Solutions

Body Toaster™ Spa Wrap
Mylar foil wrap that captures and traps body heat to intensify any full body ..
DUKAL Reflections™ Eye Mask
Non-woven spunlace material Protects eyes against contamination during massage and facials ..
DUKAL Reflections™ Fitted Face Cradle Cover
Protects the headrest of most spa tables 13” Circumference (unstretched)..
DUKAL Reflections™ Flannel Fitted Face Cradle Cover
Made of 100% premium cotton flannel Fits most spa table face rests Durable and long-lasting f..
DUKAL Reflections™ Neck Strips
Soft, highly absorbent tissue is easy to use and is available in convenient bundles of 60 pr..
DUKAL Reflections™ Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches
Ideal for sterilizing spa instruments such as nail clippers and cuticle trimmers Made with..
DUKAL Reflections™ Table Paper
Provide a clean, protected work surface Features a high quality smooth paper finish that provid..
DUKAL Reflections™ Under Eye Pad
Non-woven spunlace material ..
DUKAL Reflections™ Waxing Roll
Made from non-woven, high-quality material and leaves no residue Material does not stretch or t..
DUKAL Reflections™ Waxing Strips
Made from non-woven, high-quality material and leave no residue Material does not stretch ..