Therapy & Rehab

Resist-A-Band® Tubing

  • For use in resistive exercise to improve strength and range of motion
  • 6 color-coded levels of resistance


Resist-A-Band® Tubing
Product Number Description Packaging HCPCS Code
BT5941 100 Ft, Latex, Light, White, bulk 1/bx N/A
BT5958 100 Ft, Latex, Medium, Orange, bulk 1/bx N/A
BT5965 100 Ft, Latex, Heavy, Green, bulk 1/bx N/A
BT5972 100 Ft, Latex, Extra Heavy, Blue, bulk 1/bx N/A
BT5989 100 Ft, Latex, Special Heavy, Purple, bulk 1/bx N/A
54TP5613W 54" (135cm), Latex, w/ Handles, Light, White 1/bg N/A
54TP5620R 54" (135cm), Latex, w/ Handles, Medium, Orange 1/bg N/A
54TP5637G 54" (135cm), Latex, w/ Handles, Heavy, Green 1/bg N/A
54TP5644B 54" (135cm), Latex, w/ Handles, Extra Heavy, Blue 1/bg N/A
54TP5651P 54" (135cm), Latex, w/ Handles, Special Heavy, Purple 1/bg N/A
54TP5668S 54" (135cm), Latex, w/ Handles, Super Heavy, Silver 1/bg N/A