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Perfect Leg Stretcher

The Perfect Leg Stretcher administers similar techniques utilized in Physical Therapy. It performs a progressive or dynamic stretch that is controlled by the user. It is designed to lengthen the hamstring and calf muscles, thereby improving range of motion and flexibility. It’s the first portable Leg Stretcher that is comfortable and easy to use, and it does all the work.


Benefits for the Therapist:

  • Frees up time and optimizes sessions
  • Eliminates fatigue and stress on PT’s neck and shoulders

Benefits for the User:

  • Eliminates arm fatigue from holding straps or muscle guarding during stretch
  • Digital timer ensures the stretch will be held for proper amount of time
  • It will improve flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, and lower back pain



Perfect Leg Stretcher
Product Number Description Packaging HCPCS Code
PLS01 Perfect Leg Stretcher 1/bx N/A